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Exclusive to Birchwood, start your purchase online with newly expanded options. Including additional savings, no-charge reservation, full payment options and finance arrangements all available from the comfort of your home.

a better auto buying experience

Our new digital auto buying platform does all the hard work, in a few easy steps.

We all do things a little differently, including vehicle shopping.

With You Drive, the choice is yours.

Our online tool puts you in control of your auto buying experience. We’ve added new features to make it easier for you to shop. You Drive puts you in control from start-to-finish.

Car buyers want more control over their shopping experience

Birchwood is investing in the first online platform for custom car buying.

Browse all the ways we’ve made your online shopping experience easier.

Credit Approval

Apply for your pre-approval, on the spot.

Warranty Options

Products and warranties tailored to your needs available for online purchase.

Buy Online

Full transaction, confirmation and payment arrangements completed 100% online.


Choose from most popular accessories for your chosen vehicle.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent/Real-Time Pricing with no hidden fees including all relevant discounts.

Reserve Your Vehicle

Reserve your purchase for 24 hours.

On-Demand Service

Text, video, phone or email – you choose how you contact us.

Personalized Discounts

Choose your additional savings on the spot.

At-Home Test Drive

Have your vehicle delivered to your door.

Save Your Deal

Save your progress, buy when you’re ready.

View Top Vehicle Features

Build your dream vehicle, all in one place.

Instant Trade-In Value

View your estimated trade-in value, quickly.

To-mato or to-mahto?

We all do things a little differently, including vehicle shopping. With You Drive, the choice is yours. 

Auto buying, reinvented.

What Type of Vehicle Do You Need?

a better online buying experience.